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What isBlueSky Encrypted Messaging?BlueSky Encrypted Messaging?BlueSky Encrypted Messaging?
Private Messaging
Private messaging uses encryption to protect your messages from prying eyes.
End-To-End Encryption
No message interception, only two people can see the message – the person you are sending it to, and yourself.
Protected Data
Your Data is encrypted, sent, and then decrypted so the recipient can read it.
Works World Wide
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BlueSky is designed to Replace your existing Email and Chat apps with a single solution that is Fully Encrypted from end-to-end.

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Why Do I Need BlueSky?

  • To keep my Email and Chat messages private
  • To keep information on my devices secure
  • To protect against network attacks and data breaches
  • To ensure my organization is truly PHI and HIPAA Compliant
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How Does BlueSky Protect My Information?

Safe. Secure. Private. Reliable.
BlueSky Messaging is hosted at ISC’s own secure and redundant data centers. BlueSky data in the BlueSky app is encrypted and secure preventing effective hacking or intrusion. Using BlueSky can keep BOTH email and fax private for your personal or business use. BlueSky Messaging includes, Email, Texting Messaging, Faxing and Telex with customization options. With BlueSky your data is encrypted and safe. No need to worry about identity theft or your personal information getting out to network attacks and data breaches.

How Does It Work?

  • At-Rest Data Protected

    Your data is protected, at-rest, on your devices and on the server.

  • In-Transit Data Protected

    Your data is protected, in-transit, between your devices and the server.

  • Triple Hashed Password Management

    Triple Hashed Password Management prevents access to your data by unauthorized agents.

  • Double Blind Encryption Key Management

    Double Blind Encryption Key Management keeps all your devices in sync.


We’re open for new trends and put our whole soul into every project. Every client is special, every idea is valuable, every project is unique.

Get the basics
180 / mo
Basic planning and customer support while developing the architect project.
  • One room apartment
  • Architect sketch
  • Contractor service included
  • Interior design solutions
  • Material supply
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All included pack
250 / mo
Full range of interior/exterior design, preliminary planning and legal services.
  • Household/apartment
  • Sketch + 3D visualization
  • Contractor & material supply
  • Exterior & interior design
  • Legal services
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Standard package
210 / mo
Average services with 3D modelling and landscape solutions for country/city.
  • Max 2 room apartment
  • Architect sketch
  • Exterior & interior design
  • Contractor service included
  • Material supply
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Who is BlueSky Messaging?

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Our goal is to keep your messages, photo’s, documents, fax, and chat secure from Google Assistant, Alexa or other hacking or spyware.

Phone: +18774724525  Email: sales@blueskymessaging.com

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Send Documents, Photos Securely In Real Time

Your Business or Personal Documents are Safe with BlueSky Messaging.
With BlueSky Messaging there is no need to switch apps for certain features you enjoy using. The BlueSky encrypted and secure app can take photos, attach documents, chat, send fax, and email all inside the app. BlueSky can keep all your information private and secure. No need to worry about Google Assistant or Alexa spying or taking your personal information.